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I l. 199 f. ) and Penelope's brief erotic dream (Hom. Od. ) arc totally believable. Penelope's medium-length dream about eagles and geese (Hom. Od. 509-581 ) is even analysable as a dream ( nl). The " aJlegorization" of the initial pre-conscious fantasy may perhaps have been further facilitated by the male poet's need to invent an elaborate dream for a woman, by the Greek's wish to invent a suita bly " Persian" dream for Atossa, by that of the Marathon fighter to idealize his foe Dareios and by that of the Salamis and Plataia warrior to represent with compassion X erxes, the vanquished sacker of ills city.

Moluwt Ethnop'sy&hiatry. C. 1969. (24) id. : The Nature'ofSappho's Seizure in Fr. 31 LP, Classical QuarterlY 20:17- 31, 1970 . 1229-11152. Paris and The Hague, 1970. (26) id. : The Psychotherapy Scene in Euripides' Bacchae, Journal qf Hellenic Slwfits 90:35- 48, 1970. ): PsydwanaJyJis fJIld Philosophy. Ncw York, 1970. (28) id. : Essm d' Etlmopsychiatrit Genirall. Paris, 1970. : The Psychosomatic Miracle of lolaos, Lo Pa,olfl del PllSSato 138 : 167- 195, 1971. : EtJuwpsychanalySt Complimmtarisil.

Ete. U Cpo Ftacnkel a4 A. At. 53<1. fr. ) can justify MUtTay'. translation: earthly. nd marked prdhencc:s fw ugly .... U pervcnions. A multimiUionairc, who could have alforded the lovdiest misttfSSo, wa. attracted mainly to the slallernly chambermaids of low-class hotels. " I laW in early childhood what seemed to me to be a monstrously taU pig. I subscquentlywondercd why I never again saw an equally tall One ... unlill realized Ihat I had appraUcd that pig'. taUnCSI in terms olmy own childish 5tature.

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