Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Juan C. Probst (trad.)'s Dramas PDF

By Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Juan C. Probst (trad.)

Selección de textos. Edición bilingüe alemán-español.

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Third, she is disturbed to see Willy’s mental faculties so deteriorated that he attempts to plant a garden in the middle of the night. Last, she is desperate because she knows Willy’s mental condition will not recover from this. All is lost. Glossary louse [Slang] a person regarded as mean, contemptible, etc. babble to make incoherent sounds, as a baby does; to prattle or talk too much or foolishly.

Willy is exhausted, but he seems to be at peace as he anticipates Biff ’s imminent success. In addition, he feels confident that Howard will give him a job in New York, thereby eliminating the need for travel. He will finally be able to work in town, raise vegetables in the garden, and observe Biff succeed. Linda’s hesitant question suggests that she is not quite convinced that everything is okay. Likewise, Biff does not believe he and Willy have reestablished their relationship. In fact, as he removes the rubber tubing, Biff assumes the peace in the house is only temporary.

Biff is confused and upset because Willy is behaving irrationally. Willy tells Biff that he is “no good for anything,” until Biff states that he is supposed to meet with Oliver and his partner about the Florida idea. This brings Willy back to the present. Willy becomes angry because Biff refuses to meet with Oliver and his partner since he stole the fountain pen. Biff then admits that he does not have an appointment with Oliver after all, that he only went to Oliver because of Willy. Willy slips back into the past.

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Dramas by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Juan C. Probst (trad.)

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