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By K. L. Gupta, E. R. Duvall, J. J. Vitek, J. H. Garcia (auth.), Julio H. Garcia M.D., Julio Escalona-Zapata M.D., Uriel Sandbank M.D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662114682

ISBN-13: 9783662114681

ISBN-10: 3662114704

ISBN-13: 9783662114704

From the preface: "Pathologists are chargeable for the translation of tissue samples got rid of for the aim of building a analysis. This textbook has been conceived and organized in a way that allows the duty of arriving at a analysis throughout the review of tissues faraway from sufferers bothered with neurological proceedings. The section of the diagnostic work-up that's only "clinical", equivalent to the heritage of the ailment and the result of the actual exam are solely past the scope of this textbook...Extensive descriptions of sickness methods, that are to be had in lots of the references mentioned, were passed over in want of fairly unique descriptions and considerable illustrations of the histologic abnormalities that, as a bunch, represent a diagnostic entity."

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Enlargement of the third and lateral ventricles. (c) Magnified views of the same lesion. A rectangular cursor measures the density of the cavity contents. A tumor nodule (arrow) is visible near the left occipital bone. 1. Preoperative Imaging Studies in Neurosurgery 29 resolves, attenuation decreases and this becomes apparent by the end of the first week. Eventually the hemorrhage becomes isodense, and by 4 to 6 weeks, it is usually hypodense. A cavity may develop at the site of hematoma. Spine Detailed discussion of spine CT is beyond the scope of this chapter.

32. Orrison WW, Sackett JF, Eldeuik, et al: Lateral C1-2 puncture for cervical myelography. Part II. Radiology 146:395-400, 1983. 33. Russell DS, Rubinstein LJ: Pathology of Tumors of the Nervous System. 72-92. 34. Seldinger SI: Catheter replacement of the needle in percutaneous arteriography: A new technique. Acta Radiol 39:368-376, 1953. 35. Schunk H, Maruyama Y: Two vascular grooves of the external table of the skull which simulate fractures. Acta Radiol 54:186-194, 1960. 36. Taveras JM, Wood EH: Diagnostic Neuroradiology.

17 Less commonly, during the first 6 to 18 hours, the patient may develop confusion, hallucinations, or even transient dementia or psychosis. Dementia or psychosis have persisted for a considerable time. 12 Ependymoma and astrocytoma are the most common intramedullary spinal tumors. Intradural extramedullary masses include neurofibroma (Fig. 1-23) meningioma, arachnoid cyst, metastases, and vascular malformations of the spinal cord. Extradural spinal lesions include spondylosis or bony hypertrophic changes, herniated discs, metastases, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, neurofibromata, epidural hematoma, abscess or granulomatous processes, lipoma, and primary bone tumor.

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Diagnostic Neuropathology: Volume 1 by K. L. Gupta, E. R. Duvall, J. J. Vitek, J. H. Garcia (auth.), Julio H. Garcia M.D., Julio Escalona-Zapata M.D., Uriel Sandbank M.D. (eds.)

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