Margo Panush Cohen, Harold Rifkin's Diabetes and Protein Glycosylation: Measurement and Biologic PDF

By Margo Panush Cohen, Harold Rifkin

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In the years because the preliminary discovery that blood from diabetic sufferers includes elevated quantities of a posttranslationally gluco­ sylated kind of hemoglobin (hemoglobin Ale)' a powerful variety of reports have clarified and increased using glycohemoglobin degrees to evaluate illness prestige. Many different structural proteins were proven to suffer related alterations, together with proteins from tissues most ordinarily affected in diabetes (e.g., lens, aorta, peripheral nerve, basement membrane). hence, the nonenzymatic glycosylation of hemoglobin emerges as a useful version for the pathogenesis of definite continual diabetes problems. as well as reviewing a wealth of investigative probabilities within the zone of those continual complications-including eye, kidney, nerve, and vascular disease-Dr. Cohen exhibits how more suitable nonenzymatic glycosylation in out of control diabetes underscores the urgent want for upkeep of long term euglycemia. Dr. Cohen is an endocrinologist and diabetes expert whose learn actions have principally fascinated about the chemistry and metabo­ lism of the basement membrane in diabetes. This excellent monograph on nonenzymatic glycosylation in actual fact exhibits the most important developments of her earlier and current learn and scientific actions. This ebook is fantastically written and a excitement to learn. It offers nice perception into the mechanisms of the pathogenesis of the oom- vii viii Foreword cations of diabetes and may be of huge price not just to uncomplicated and scientific investigators, but in addition to internists, diabetologists, and endocrinologists in scientific practice.

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