Destiny Domesticated: The Rebirth of Tragedy Out of the by Jos de Mul PDF

By Jos de Mul

ISBN-10: 1438449712

ISBN-13: 9781438449715

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ISBN-13: 9781438449739

Analyzes modern technological society throughout the lens of Greek tragedy.

Destiny Domesticated investigates 3 ways Western civilization has attempted to tame destiny: the heroic confirmation of destiny in the tragic tradition of the Greeks, the common-or-garden recognition of divine windfall in Christianity, and the abolition of destiny in sleek technological society. in contrast history, Jos de Mul argues that the uncontrollability of expertise introduces its personal tragic size to our tradition. contemplating a variety of literary texts and modern occasions, and drawing on twenty-five centuries of tragedy interpretation from philosophers reminiscent of Aristotle, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, literary critics George Steiner and Terry Eagleton, and others, de Mul articulates a modern point of view at the tragic, laying off new gentle on philosophical subject matters reminiscent of loose will, determinism, and the contingency of lifestyles

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While the modern faith in malleability is resilient,15 many people have gradually become aware of the tragic dimension of our existence. I mentioned Nussbaum above, who has claimed that within the field of ethics we should find a new openness Destiny Domesticated 21 toward the tragic dimension of our existence. In the Netherlands, too, there are debates about these topics. For instance, in the nineties Gerard de Vries wrote a pamphlet called Reasonable Doubt. On the role of medical ethics in the Netherlands (Gerede twijfel.

Kant 1968, II, 594). But it is not just my birth, but also the fact that I was born in the twentieth century, and in the Netherlands, within a specific social environment, and that I have received this upbringing and no other, that are part of the incomprehensible contingency of my existence. And the rest of our lives’ paths are also marked by contingencies such as these. For instance, the studies we choose are no less contingent than the teachers we encounter and the scientific tradition with which we associate ourselves.

However, the medieval contingens, and its derivative contingency, primarily has an ontological connotation: it refers to a certain domain of reality. Contingent is that which is, but which doesn’t exist of necessity. It is contingent in the sense that it also could have been otherwise. Chance in the sense of contingency refers to matters that could have been different from what they (f )actually 26 DESTINY DOMESTICATED are. We can label Stockdale’s selection as a running mate “chance” in this meaning as well.

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