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By Johannes Petres M.D., Max Hundeiker M.D. (auth.)

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152 Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Chronica Helicis Winkler This common reactive, inflammatory lesion occurs on the upper edge of the auricle, predominantly among men over 40 years of age. Differential diagnosis: solar keratosis or carcinoma. Treatment of choice: the only treatment promising success is excision into the healthy tissue. 148 Foreign Body Granuloma Most commonly occurring on the face and hands, this is often clinically mistaken for a keloid. Treatment of choice: excision in toto. 149 Tattoos and Other Corial Foreign Body Intrusions Treatment of choice: single-step or total excision performed in several sessions, chemical cauterization, curettage, or dermabrasion [104,145, 295,307].

The most common forms are planotuberous and tuberonodular angiomas in infancy, which are seldom clearly differentiated from cavernous hemangiomas (Sect. 093). The angiomas of infancy undergo spontaneous involution in the majority of cases during the first years. Treatment of choice: as long as a focus is very small, it can easily be excised without any aftereffects. However, if spontaneous involution fails to take place or if the initial growth causes alarm, beta-ray therapy should be considered because beta rays often seem to stimulate further spontaneous involution.

If necessary phlebography can be used for comparison purposes in order to locate the course of the communicating veins and of occlusions of the deep veins. The more exact these clinical tests are, the more valuable they are. Treatment of choice: Depending on the specifics of the individual case, sclerosing therapy or surgical removal is recommended. If occlusions of the deep veins are found, treatment should not exclude sclerosing of superficial vascular components which clearly allow backflow [459].

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Dermatosurgery by Johannes Petres M.D., Max Hundeiker M.D. (auth.)

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