Iman Abd ar-Rahim ibn AHmad al-Quadi's Das Totenbuch des Islam PDF

By Iman Abd ar-Rahim ibn AHmad al-Quadi

ISBN-10: 3502611653

ISBN-13: 9783502611653

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H. the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East who is the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. He represents the Syrian Orthodox Church in India in the Universal Synod of the church, when it is convened for the election and enthronement of a patriarch. B. Mor Baselios Thomas I. SCHISMS IN THE CHURCH OF ANTIOCH The Church of Antioch (Syrian Church) endured in its history painful incidents, which divided its flock into several sects at different times. These incidents, a few of which will be briefly discussed hereafter, greatly enfeebled the church.

I am hopeful that through prayer and dialogue, its scattered parts can be brought together again, and its wounds healed. Communion of Faith could be restored among its different sections, and excommunications and curses could be wiped out. Then grace will abound, leading to the unity that was at the dawn of Christianity, and the gospel imperative “That all may be one”, will be fulfilled. * * * 55 REFERENCES 1- The Holy Bible: New Testament. 2 - Dr. , Beirut: 1971. 3 - Constitution of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch -Manuscript - Amended by the Synod of Damascus 1979.

58 44 Until 1827, there were two patriarchs for the Chaldeans, one of whom was called Patriarch of Amed, and the other, Patriarch of Babylon. In that same year, the distinction between the two patriarchates of Amed and Babylon was abolished by Pope Leo XII. As of 1830, that is from the time of Patriarch Yuhanna Hermezd, there was only one patriarch who was called the Patriarch of Babylon. Yuhanna Hermezd was the first patriarch of the united Patriarchate of Babylon. In the middle of the 19th century, Patriarch Yousef Odo59 who, unlike his predecessors, was known to have liked the Oriental Church and its ancient traditions, was installed as the Patriarch of Babylon.

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