Download e-book for iPad: Das Buch der Menschlichkeit: Die neue Ethik für unsere Zeit by Dalai Lama

By Dalai Lama

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Friedrich Wilhelm Graf kann diese neue Heilslehre nicht überzeugen. Er stellt fest, dass der Dalai Lama sich nicht mit der Begründung seiner Ethik aufhält, die er in seinem "Buch der Menschlichkeit" darlegt. In der "großen Moralpredigt" seien tibetanische Begriffe eingeführt, die sich nur eingeschränkt in moderne Sprachen übersetzen ließen und außerdem tendierten die hier dargelegten Argumentationen zum Zirkelhaften. Den Versuch des Dalai Lama, die christliche faith mit dem Buddhismus zusammenzudenken, findet Graf problematisch, da seine neue Ethik am "unaufhebbaren Gegensatz zum okzidentalen Rationalismus" scheitern müsse. Seinen Aufruf, sich von der westlichen Egozentrik abzuwenden, habe der Dalai Lama selbst nicht befolgt, wie Graf konstatiert: "Fortwährend spricht er von sich in pronocierter Ich-Rede". Damit entsteht für Graf der Verdacht, dass der Dalai Lama sich selbst aus seiner Ethik ausnehmen und einen Sonderstatus für sich beanspruchen will.

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The Tibetan manuals on shamatha meditation that I had studied over the years stated that the type of attention needed when one began such practice was “highly focused,” so I tried as hard as I could to keep my mind from wandering. Within a matter of a few weeks, devoting many hours each day to meditation, I could sustain my attention on my chosen object for up to half an hour. I was elated to be making such fast progress. As the weeks went by, however, I found myself becoming more and more fatigued.

The real aim of this practice is to cultivate mental balance that results in genuine happiness, and indifference to others is not a sign of genuine happiness or mental health. While some people become attached to the feelings of calm they experience through shamatha practice, others may become dissatisfied with their progress and become bored with the practice. This training usually does not provide swift gratification or immediate results. It can lead to exceptional mental health and well-being, but this takes time and effort.

But I would claim that the reason so many people find no time to meditate is not that they’re too busy. We’re all doing something each minute of every day, no matter how busy or leisurely our lives may be. How we fill our days is simply a matter of our priorities. It’s only common sense to place a high priority on our survival, making sure that we have sufficient food, shelter, clothing, and medical care, and that our children receive the best education possible. ” What elective activities fill the moments of our days depends on our values.

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