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By Ramanananda Swarnagiri

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If the scale of a ebook is the degree of it is contents,Crumbs from His desk has definitely debunked this fable. during the pages of this small ebook the writer relates his own interplay with Bhagavan Ramana from 1933 and notes down the wealth of functional knowledge he heard and absorbed in His presence. Sri Ramana himself might every now and then suggest Crumbs from His desk to seekers who clearly benefitted from the foundation and information gleaned from it truly is pages. conversing of Sri Ramana Maharshi the well-known British writer Paul Brunton has the subsequent to claim: "The phrases of this Sage nonetheless flame out in my reminiscence like beacon lighting. I pluck golden fruit from infrequent conferences with clever males, wrote trans-Atlantic Emerson in his diary,and it really is convinced that I plucked complete basketfuls in the course of my talks with this man.Our most sensible philosophers couldn't carry a candle to him....

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Giving up these two, selfconsciousness and unconsciousness, you inhere in the natural consciousness, that is pure Consciousness. D: It is stated that the existence of the world is false, an illusion, Maya, but we see the world day after day. How can it be false? B: By false it is meant that the conception of the world is a superimposition on reality, as the idea of a snake is superimposed on the reality of a rope, in darkness (in ignorance). That is Maya, illusion. D: What is Maya? Illusion? B: Seeing ice without seeing that it is water is illusion, Maya.

He stopped the Pandit from proceeding further, and desired him to experimentally prove that statement. The Pandit admitted that he was only a theoretician and was unable to impart practical wisdom. Janaka suggested that the text was either false or exaggerated, but the Pandit would not admit this. Though he was himself not able to impart practical wisdom he stated that the text could not be false or exaggerated, as they were the words of the wise sages of the past. Janaka was annoyed with the Pandit and in a fit of rage condemned him to prison.

By such enquiry, you will drive the thought force deeper till it reaches its source and merges therein. It is then that you will have the response from within and find that you rest there, destroying all thoughts, once and for all. This temporary stilling of thought comes automatically in the usual course of one’s practice and it is a clear sign 23 Crumbs from His Table for the final goal of spiritual practice and being thus deceived. It is exactly here that a spiritual guide is necessary and he saves a lot of the spiritual aspirant’s time and energy which would otherwise be fruitlessly wasted.

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