New PDF release: Cristianismo en Crisis Christianity in Crisis (Spanish

By Hank H. Hanegraaff, Ginny Williams

ISBN-10: 1565071840

ISBN-13: 9781565071841

CRISTIANISMO EN CRISIS--es un libro orientador que period una urgente necesidad--Es un libro que le sale al pasco a un melanoma mortal que esta devastando al cuerpo de Cristo. A menos que este melanoma sea extirpado ahora, las consecuencias para el cristianismo seran catastroficas. Y castastroficas no es exageracion. Maestros influeyentes estan utilizando el poder de l. a. radio y l. a. tv, al igual que veintenas de libros, cintas grabadas y revistas, para distorsionar el concepto biblico del Creador y promover doctrinas antibiblicas que insultan los angeles mente. El resultado es nada menos que una subversion sistematica de l. a. fe cristiana e historica. Pero este es un melanoma que tiene cura. Cristianismo en hindrance no solo expone las tinieblas a l. a. luz, sino que da soluciones para eliminar l. a. difficulty en el cristianismo y regresar a un cristianismo centrado en Cristo. On Christian tv, in pulpits, seminars and books, progressively more church leaders are spreading distorted doctrines that undermine the very middle of Biblical Christianity. Hanegraaff exposes the staggering blasphemies and common teachings and will get to the basis of fake teachings which are endangering unwary fans.

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I , NON-CHRISTIAN SOURCES OF CHRISTIAN ORIGINS 7 having been advanced on the part of the enemies of Christianity. Indeed, doubts of the historicity of Jesus were absolutely un­ known until the eighteenth century. What divided Christians and non-Christians was not the question whether or no Jesus existed, but the vastly more pertinent and essentially different question whether or no the obscure Galilaean carpenter, executed by a Roman governor as king of the Jews, was really a super­ human being who had overcome death-the longed-for saviour of mankind, foretold by the prophets, the only-begotten son of God Himself.

Schulthess, Wochenschrijt fur klass. , 1899. 1055 f. A. Neppi Modona, Protocolli giudiziarii o romanxo storico ? Raccolta in onore di Gio. Lumbroso, pp. 407-38. See App. VI. e. the genuine acts of Christian martyrs, are nothing but the edifying reworkings of j ust such pamphlets, based on the original protocols as composed by the official notarii or exceptores. e. permitted an examina­ tion of the court acts. If that permission was refused, recourse was had to bribery of the state police officials, the so-called specula­ tares.

Dema� gogical, power of oratory. The remains of anti-Christian literature prove that the opponents of Christianity described him as a fomenter of rebellion (tTTatTew-. apX'IJ"fETrJ<>) , a sorcerer (ryo'l}<>) , a demagogue (tTocfHO"T�<>) , a rebel and a robber chief (apxt"A-IJO"T�<>) . The scarcity of anti-Christian sources about Jesus is accounted for by the fact that Christian copyists would be reluctant to reproduce what they considered blasphemous charges, and that Christian censors had power, ever since the fourth century, to destroy and consequently also to expurgate books of anti­ Christian tendencies.

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