New PDF release: Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design

By Barbara Forrest, Paul R. Gross

ISBN-10: 0195157427

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Forrest and Gross disclose the medical failure, the non secular essence, and the political pursuits of "intelligent design" creationism. They learn the movement's "Wedge Strategy," which has complex and is succeeding via public relatives instead of via medical examine. studying the content material and personality of "intelligent layout theory," they spotlight its chance to public schooling and to the separation of church and nation.

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15 Richards’s remarks are strong evidence that the Wedge Document is genuine. And, although these separate considerations suggest that it does represent an older version of their program, it is abundantly clear that the Wedge Document’s contents are anything but outdated in the view of its promoters. Virtually the entire plan—with the striking exception of the “scientific research” on intelligent design offered as the key to the rest of the program—is in full execution as we write. Comparison of Language and Concepts James Still’s comment that large portions of the Wedge Document were on CRSC’s website is correct.

Give myself to Christ at the advanced age of 38. ”1 Nancy Pearcey, a fellow of the Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture and a Johnson associate in this creationist section of the Discovery Institute (see later), links Johnson’s religious conversion and his leadership of the intelligent design movement in two recent publications. In an interview with Johnson for World magazine, Pearcey says, “It is not only in politics that leaders forge movements. Phillip Johnson has developed what is called the ‘Intelligent Design’ movement.

8 This idea has come to serve as something of a joke among evolutionary biologists (which Behe is not) and other scientists, but it seems to be the gladdest of glad tidings for the scientifically naive. When the July 1992 issue of Scientific American published Stephen Jay Gould’s devastating review of Johnson’s Darwin on Trial, in which Gould described the book as “full of errors, badly argued, based on false criteria, and abysmally written,” Johnson’s supporters formed the “Ad Hoc Origins Committee” and wrote a letter (probably in 1992 or 1993) on Johnson’s behalf: “This letter was mailed to thousands of university professors shortly after Gould wrote his vitriolic analysis of .

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