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So the events of Canto III take place in a hinterland, dominated equally by the daunting vertical of the mountainside and by a vast horizontal distance (envisaged at lines 68–69 as being at least a mile long) in which Dante will meet others who, like himself, are temporarily excluded from the mountain and with whom he will negotiate his ascent. Dante needs guidance. Both Church and Empire are institutions that purport to offer guidance to their bewildered subjects. But the narrative now reveals a psychological and ethical correlative to this thematic interest, impelled as much by doubts, interrogatives, and ironies as by the authoritative answers that institutions— whether ecclesiastical, imperial, or even philosophical—might provide.

Their saved souls hunger on high, but their appetitive natures are not yet wrung dry of earthly longing. If music be the food of love, there is also a heavenly music. We know this is true, as do the pilgrims. They have sung it themselves in this very place. BIBLIOGRAPHY This essay, in an expanded form, was first published in Lectura Dantis Virginiana VI (1990): 28–45. Perhaps the most important later discussion of the issues discussed here is found in A. A. Iannucci, “Casella’s Song and the Tuning of the Soul,” Thought 65 (1990): 27–46.

In Saggi danteschi, ed. d. 1970, 179–207. A. ” Studi Danteschi 93 (1975): 27–59. Singleton, Charles S. Commentary to Purgatorio. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1973, 40. ———. Dante Studies, vol. 1. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1965, 23–29. ———. ” 78th Annual Report of the Dante Society (1960): 1–24. Steiner, Carlo. La Divina Commedia commentata da Carlo Steiner. B. Paravia, 1921. W. The Trilogy; or Dante’s Three Visions. W. Thomas. London: H. G. Bohn, 1859–1866. Thompson, David.

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Cosmologia e alchimia babilonesi by Mircea Eliade

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