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For mammals, the C S is the brain and spinal cord, and the PNS is everything else. e. ones you can consciously control), and the branch carrying nerve impulses to muscles such as the heart and gut~ which are not under voluntary control. The former is referred to as the skeletal nervous system and the latter is the autonomic nervous system (A S). Another way of sub~ividing the nervous system is to take into account the direction of nerve impulses conveyed along particular neurons. Afferent or sensory neurons carry nerve ilnpulses towards the brain.

Taylor (1969) reported on two cases of patients who underwent temporallobet;tumies (removal of temporal lobes) to remove brain tumours. Each patient completed a battery of neuropsychological and IQ tests before and after surgery. For the patient. whose left temporal lobe was lesioned. there was a significant decline in performance on tasks with a verbal component, but no significant change in non-verbal function. For the patient who underwent a right temporal lobectomy, the exact reverse pattern of outcome was observed.

This structure was once thOUgllt to do little more than hold the two hemispheres together! However~ as I described in Otapter 2, we know that it is made up of millions of myelinated aXQns carrying information from one hemisphere to the other. ) Having exhausted other treatments, two Californian surgeons, 42 LAT ERAl l SATIO N Bogen and Vogel decided to try to contain seizure activity to just one hemisphere by lesioning the CQrpus callosa of their patients. All told, about 100 people underwent this procedure.

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