L. J. Boucher, Karl Koeber, Mirjana Kotowski, Dieter Tille's Coordination Compounds 7 PDF

By L. J. Boucher, Karl Koeber, Mirjana Kotowski, Dieter Tille (auth.), Helga Demmer, Mirjana Kotowski, Edith Schleitzer-Rust, Dieter Tille (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662075067

ISBN-13: 9783662075067

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ISBN-13: 9783662075081

Of system-number "Manganese", half B, which de- scribes the point Manganese, has been accomplished. additionally accomplished is a component C, describing the compounds, with 10 volumes. half A will current the background and occurence of manganese. quantity A 1 at the historical past has already been released, the opposite volumes facing occurence of manganese are in coaching. half D is dedicated to the coordination compounds. half D 1, D 2, D three, D four, D five and D 6 thereof are already to be had. the current quantity "Manganese D 7" maintains the outline of the coordination compounds. Complexes with nitriles, with nitro-hydrocarbons, and with ligands containing sulfur, selenium or tellurium are defined. a number of the coordination compounds containing sulfur are of analytical or organic curiosity. A formulation index lists the ligands and the empirical formulas.

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Chem. 22 [1983] 4091/9). [5] Watson, A. ; Rao, C. ; Dorfman, J. ; Holm, R. H. (Inorg. Chem. 24 [1985] 2820/6). ; Koch, S. ; Millar, M. M. (Inorg. Chem. 24 [1985] 3311/2). ; Poilblanc, R. (BulI. Soc. Chim. France 1986 740/4). ; Patil, P. ; Kanatzidis, M. ; Baenziger, N. C. (Inorg. Chem. 24 [1985] 24/31, 25). Gmelin Handbook Mn Main Vol. 0 7 Formulas of ligands are tabulated on p. 2 With Aminoalkane- or Aminobenzenethiols NH 2RSH No. Ligand formula 1 H2N[CH 2bSH H2N [CH 2bNH [CH 2bSH C2H7NS 2 3 H2N[CH 2bNH[CH 2bSH CS H'4 N2S C4H,2N2S No.

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