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In Consciousness and the life of God, J.P. Moreland argues that the lifestyles of finite, irreducible cognizance (or its commonplace, law-like correlation with actual states) offers proof for the lifestyles of God. additionally, he analyzes and criticizes the head consultant of rival techniques to explaining the foundation of attention, together with John Searle’s contingent correlation, Timothy O’Connor’s emergent necessitation, Colin McGinn’s mysterian "naturalism," David Skrbina’s panpsychism and Philip Clayton’s pluralistic emergentist monism. Moreland concludes that those techniques can be rejected in want of what he calls "the Argument from Consciousness."

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If such entities are accepted, then a naturalist would owe us a causal account of their comingto-be. In closing this chapter, it is important to get before us certain constraints on such an account. In chapters to follow, we shall look at naturalist views that seek to conform to or disregard these constraints. But these constrains seem prima facie justified because they follow naturally from the naturalist epistemology, Grand Story and other aspects of the naturalist ontology. Regarding emergent properties, though some demur, at least five reasons have been proffered for the claim that causal explanations in the natural sciences exhibit a kind of causal necessity, that on a typical realist construal of natural science, physical causal explanations must show—usually by citing a mechanism—why an effect must follow given the relevant causal conditions: 26 The epistemic backdrop (1) Causal necessitation unpacks the deepest, core realist notion of causation, namely, causal production according to which a cause ‘‘brings about’’ or ‘‘produces’’ its effect.

4) Causal necessitation supports the derivation of counterfactuals (if that chunk of gold had been placed in aqua regia, then it would have dissolved) from causal laws (gold dissolves in aqua regia). (5) Causal necessitation clarifies the direction of causality and rules out the attempt to explain a cause by its effect. Three points of clarification are needed about causal necessity and the reasons for it. g. in having the same physical particulars, properties, relations and/or laws). Second, strong conceivability is the test that is used to judge causal necessitation (given the lattice structures and so forth of two macro-objects impenetrable with respect to each other, it is strongly inconceivable that one could penetrate the other).

G. panpsychism. Additionally, consider a non-spatial world. With no adjustments to that world, it is true that a table could not pop into existence for the reasons just mentioned. But there is no reason why a table and the necessary spatial conditions could not jointly pop into existence. So even in cases where there are prima facie constraints on what can pop into existence, when a broader state of affairs in taken into consideration, the constraints may be otiose. The argument from consciousness 37 Fourth, armed with the distinction between a state of affairs seeming to be impossible to a subject S vs.

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