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By Matthew Leigh

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This quantity is an unique examine of the performs of the 2 nice Roman comedian playwrights Plautus and Terence within the context of political and fiscal switch in Rome within the 3rd and moment centuries BC. not like the dominant pattern of viewing the performs through connection with their mostly misplaced Greek originals, the publication adopts a historicist procedure that concentrates on their impact on a modern viewers.

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Sat. 1. 10. 12–15; Tert. nat. 2. 10; Aug. civ. 6. 7 tell of how the priest of Hercules loses at dice with the god and procures him Acca Larentia as his prize. Hercules instructs Acca to go to the forum and befriend the first person she meets. She does so and thus becomes the wife or lover of the wealthy Tarutius/Carutius who leaves her his property when she dies. ⁸⁵ What appears to make Cato’s version stand out and therefore justify Macrobius’ citation of it as an alternative to the version given at Sat.

Com. 229 = Fest. p. 400 L: ‘nunc meae militiae, Astutia, [te] opus est subcenturiare’, cf. Ter. Phorm. ’ ⁵ On this point, see Wright (1975). ⁶ Fraenkel (1960) 223–41. All references are to the Italian translation which contains various addenda and important modifications of Fraenkel’s initial view of other issues, most notably the theory of contaminatio. For military metaphors applied to servile intrigue, see also Brotherton (1926) 63–9. ⁷ Dumont (1966) suggests that Fraenkel underestimates the degree of servile machination and military imagery in Greek New Comedy but adduces too little evidence to support this claim.

Poen. 994: ‘avo. ’ Plautus and Hannibal 33 This passage develops a number of important issues. In particular, it must be noted that it was Milphio who instituted the exchanges which have just broken down and that he did so in Punic first and Latin second. One might indeed ask why Hanno does not reply in Latin but the implications of his indignation are that he was led to believe that Milphio genuinely could communicate in Punic only to be infuriated by the slave’s impertinent mistranslations of his words.

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