Colour Vision Deficiencies VIII - download pdf or read online

By John D. Mollon (auth.), G. Verriest (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9400942753

ISBN-13: 9789400942752

ISBN-10: 9401083991

ISBN-13: 9789401083997

Colour imaginative and prescient Deficiences VIII brings jointly details at the newest tendencies within the following components of study: -Visual results of extreme lighting fixtures; -Effects of intoxications on color imaginative and prescient; -Ageing and imaginative and prescient; -Methods of exam; -Congenital defects; -Acquired defects; -Practical points; -Physiological bases.

This quantity is a common follow-up on Volumes VI and VII released in 1981 and 1983 respectively by means of Dr. W. Junk Publishers.

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This reminds at Land's experiments to introduce a colour printing system without blue. Optic neuropathies Completely different are the disturbances of colour vision by drugs causing damages of the optic nerve, mostly imposing as retrobulbar neuritis. M 90 (/) C) z 0 « w a: w -l « 0 80 70 60 50 (/) z w w a: C) W ~ -l 40 30 20 CANTHAXANTHINE III 10 0 RETINOPATHY .. 10 470nm 20 30 40 50 60 70 MIXTURE SCALE READINGS .. 517nm Fig. 6. Tritan defect in a case ofCanthaxanthin-retinopathy (Trendelenburg's anomaloscope, modified by Jaeger).

Author's address: Prof. Dr. W. -Eye Hospital Heidelberg Bergheimer Str. G. 52 CONE INTERACTIONS IN DRUG-INDUCED RETINAL DYSFUNCTIONS E. ZRENNER and 1. ) Spectral sensitivity functions and the transient decrease of sensitivity to short wavelengths after the offset of yellow light (Mollon and Polden, 1977) were measured by increment threshold techniques in patients suffering from acquired colour vision deficiencies, caused either by drugs or by hereditary retinal degenerations. 5 mg/week over 18 months) reversibly decreases the blue cone mechanism's sensitivity by a factor of 50 (during yellow adaptation of 1400 Td) and also abolishes transient tritanopia.

Acad. Royale BeIge. Tome IV, Fasc. 5:35-327 (1964). Verriest, G. Recent advances in the study of the acquired deficiencies of colour vision. Arch. Fond. G. Ronchi XXIV: 1-80 (1974). Verriest, G. and Uvijls, A. Spectral increment thresholds on a white background in different age groups of normal subjects and in acquired ocular diseases. Docum. Ophthalmol. 43:214--248 (1977). B. F. Neurotoxic substances affecting the visual and oculomotor system. In: Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology, 3rd ed. Vol. 3, pp.

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Colour Vision Deficiencies VIII by John D. Mollon (auth.), G. Verriest (eds.)

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