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Изображения: черно-белые рисунки

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373). Let us pause for a moment on the author’s choice of analogy: the string (that is, the bodily humors) constitutes a small part of the lute (the mind), but that part is important for the proper operation of the mind. Once a string is out of tune, the instrument’s harmony is destroyed. Burton describes the interaction between body and mind as a mutual need: each functions only when the two are in harmony. As soon as one is affected, the other immediately feels the damaging effects of the disturbance.

Spinoza always conceived of a union and cooperation between body and mind, realizing that internal or external changes produce the (increased or inhibited) human capacity to act through affects. A pioneer in his time, he discovered that the “I”’s self-understanding is not at all based on our rational thoughts but rather on the concrete and moment-by-moment experience of the body. 55 What, then, is the concrete role of the mind for Spinoza, inasmuch as it is the “idea of the human body”? We know that, to have an idea in the mind, one must first become aware of the body’s existence and actions.

That ambiguity seems to rule out any definitive conclusion. 71 It is precisely mental disturbances that produce somatic changes and the outbreak of illness. ”72 Conversely, when melancholy is produced in the body by a humoral imbalance, the body also radically affects the mind: “N ow the chiefest causes proceed from the Heart, humours, spirits: as they are purer, or impurer, so is the Minde, and equally suffers, as a Lute out of tune, if one string, or one organ be distempered, all the rest miscarry” (Burton, i.

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