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The ebook is a multi-author survey (in 15 chapters) of the present nation of information and up to date advancements in our figuring out of oxide surfaces. the writer checklist comprises many of the said global specialists during this box. the fabric coated contains primary idea and experimental stories of the geometrical, vibrational and digital constitution of such surfaces, yet with a unique emphasis at the chemical houses and linked reactivity. the focus is on steel oxides yet insurance extends from 'simple' rocksalt fabrics comparable to MgO via to advanced transition steel oxides with diversified valencies.

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However, except for some optical and x-ray methods that can be performed in situ, the surface analytical tools are not measuring the system under reaction conditions. This gap is well recognized, and both the low- and high-pressure communities keep it in mind when comparing their results. A similar gap exists between clean surface experiments and any adsorption or interface study. For example, an oxide surface may exhibit relaxation or reconstruction due to the reduction in symmetry and ligand coordination at the surface.

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