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By Jack M. Fein (auth.), Jack M. Fein M.D., Eugene S. Flamm M.D. (eds.)

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The anterior limit is a line from calcarine, and (3) occipitoparietal (Figs. 16). cus to the preoccipital notch. The posterior Occipitotemporal artery. This artery is genlimit is the occipital pole. The vascular supply erally single and presents various patterns of of the occipital region is derived from the mid- division. It vascularizes the inferior aspect of dle cerebral artery, which supplies the external the occipital lobe, the fusiform, and lingula gyri. Calcarine artery. This artery is the continuasurface (Figs.

It vascularizes the edge of the subfrontal sulcus, the inferior part of the cingulate gyrus, the most anterior part of the internal surface of the superior frontal gyrus, and the frontal pole. Internal frontal arteries. Many variations may be seen in the origin and course of the 19 anterior, middle, and posterior internal frontal arteries. They may arise directly as single branches from the anterior cerebral artery or from the callosomarginal trunk. They vascularize the cingulate gyrus and the internal surface of the superior frontal gyrus except its most anterior portion (which is supplied by the frontopolar artery).

This inferior group of vessels passes upward on each side of the third ventricle. But, in general, the inferior group (thalamoperfora- tors) supply the inferior aspect of the thalamus and the surrounding structures (Fig. 32). The relationships of these vessels to the third ventricle has been studied by George,9 who demonstrated a precise relationship with the vessels of the anterior group and the third ventricle. The posterior group of thalamic arteries consists of the perforating vessels from the posterior cerebral artery as it turns around the pulvinar.

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