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By French P.A., Uehling, T.E., Jr., Wettstein H.K.

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295302. I should have made it clearer that the notion of opinion, and of method, that I am using here is highly abstract. In any actual situation we might do as much as is possible to improve an actual opinion without ending up at the t r u t h , because of contingent limitations on our position or resources of investigation. Truth, Realism, and the Regulation of Theory 23 possible evidence. This is an obvious threat to the realist, who must react either by shrinking the area of fact to a point below that at which the possibility arises or by allowing that truth transcends all possible ways of knowing about it.

What counts as the best explanation depends on our purposes in grading explanations. It is not obvious why realism must take a very strong stand on that. 18. , values or obligations, is pointless. See also essay 7. Truth, Realism, and the Regulation of Theory 33 V It seems, then, that the best use to make of convergence is not as a phenomenon of which a realist has a superior explanation but rather as one in which he alone has faith. If we use our faculties properly, and reality is determinate, then surely opinion must converge.

IV The final suggestion differs from the other three in a fundamental respect. Each of them seized upon a relatively formal aspect of our intellectual practice—our assent to a modal claim, to a logical principle, to a form in inference. This one seizes upon an attitude we may have toward our own opinion or knowledge. Of course, our problem all along has been to determine whether a distinctive attitude really is associated with realism, and so far we have nothing but images and similes to gesture toward it.

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