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If thebirthbe at night the Dasa will commence from the Lagna rasi (the sign of the Ascendant). If the birtb be during the day, the Dasa will start from the rasi in which the lord of Lagna is posited. If the birth be during Sandhya (period of twilight), the Dasa will begin from the rasi of the secondhouse. The Dasa of eachrasi is 10 years. As it is the Dasa system of the 12 signs(rasi) in the Zodiac, it has beeu namedas Chakra Dasa. Exmaple: The birth is duiing the day and the lord of the Ascendantis in Scorpio.

O Brahmin ! I lravethus given you the description of SavyaChakra, Now I shallgive thc descriptiorrof Apsavya Chakra. Preparea similar chart of l0 apartmentsand from the 2nd apartment onwarcis place the signs from Scorpioonwards in the rcverseorder, that is. Scorpio, Libra, Virgo etc. In thir chart Deha and Jeevawould be the same for Rohini, Makha, Visakhaand Sravanaas for Rohini. Note : Sirnilarlytlte Dasa lords would be the sameas has beendcscribedfor the SavyaChakra. In the first pada of Rohini, Canceris Deha and Sagittariusis Jeeva.

And the lord of the signsAries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo. Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are lords of Dasas in thc aforesaidorder.. cq*t Cg t{*ql- fiqfq

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