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By Peter Schumacher

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facing asthma, hay
fever or neurodermatitis frequently dramatically reduces a patient's caliber of lifestyles.
The good fortune cost for chemical suppression or hyposensitization remedies is
unsatisfactory. moreover, there are elevated numbers of negative effects and

Using a long time of well-documented, effectively taken care of case histories and
his event won in deepest pediatric perform, the writer is ready to
demonstrate that bronchial asthma could be healed thoroughly once they are famous as
a biophysical phenomenon and taken care of in keeping with the legislation of biophysics.

Based at the noticeable notion of ''bioresonance therapy,'' this e-book
elaborates widely and systematically at the starting place and perform of the
biophysical ''elimination'' of asthma - that's to claim, with no chemical compounds or
the tension resultant from unwanted effects, rather famous in pediatrics.
Recognizing and "Eliminating" asthma utilizing Biophysical

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Particularly with children, the therapy is often extraordinarily effective. Almost daily, for several years now, parents have been bringing their sick children to our practice requesting bioresonance therapy, knowing that it usually provides rapid improvement. Concurrent treatment with homeopathic remedies and other naturopathic modalities almost always eliminate the need for the use of chemical drugs, particularly antibiotics. We use them very rarely now. Bioresonance therapy plays an important role in “reversing” a child’s susceptibility to infections and general immune deficiencies.

These people produce specific IgE without developing allergic symptoms” (Roitt 1987). fm Seite 31 Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2004 9:54 09 Scientific and Clinical Allergology Allergy diagnosis (RING) 31 Fig. 1 Importance of anamnesis in allergy diagnosis (according to Ring). ). “We have to admit that we do not have good test methods when it comes to foods” states Aberer. He goes on to say that in the case of in vitro methods showing positive test results of numerous differing IgE antibodies in the same patient, which occurs quite often, “allopathic medicine is unable to determine which ones are relevant” (Aberer 1992).

It is attached to the input of the therapy device. Using the body’s own fluids, secretions or excretions, in the input of the device has proven effective and illustrates the therapy principle of physical oscillations to a lay person. This method illustrates to the patient the particular pathological portion that is part of the body’s own complex frequency spectrum (received via the input cable). Consequently, the therapy signal also reflects this ratio more clearly. fm Seite 21 Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2004 9:54 09 Fig.

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