Belief in God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by T. J. Mawson PDF

By T. J. Mawson

ISBN-10: 0199276315

ISBN-13: 9780199276318

Belief in God solutions questions: What, if whatever, is it that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are agreeing approximately after they take part claiming that there's a God? and What, if any, clients are there for rationally protecting or attacking this declare? A hugely obtainable and interesting advent to the philosophy of faith, this booklet deals complete insurance of the major matters, from principles approximately God's nature and personality to arguments for and opposed to his life. writer T. J. Mawson makes extraordinary new claims and defends or assaults validated positions in unique methods. His conversational variety, energetic wit, and enlightening examples make Belief in God concurrently instructive, thought-provoking, and stress-free to learn.

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God’s conversation with Abraham is 38 The Concept of God best interpreted as affecting him in no way whatsoever. He started and finished the conversation with exactly the same information and intentions. Of course the conversation affected Abraham—it reassured him that God is indeed good; and this is a reason for both God and Abraham to enter into it. The general point though, surely, is that we should say that no petitionary prayer we utter (or relation we enter into with respect to God) affects God.

Personally, I’m rather sympathetic to this argument, but I report that many theists are not happy to rest with this understanding of prayer and creature–God relations in general. They want petitionary prayers and our actions in general to be able to affect God, not just us. 7 In this respect, he is immutable. But what it is that is the best thing to do can itself be affected by what we’ve asked for and how we’ve behaved and thus God’s general intention to do the best can be modified in the particular intentions it gives rise to by our prayers and actions; he can change.

If it’s a liability, then he doesn’t. We can make mistakes and an omnipotent being—should one exist—cannot, so there is something (indeed a class of things) that we can do that an omnipotent being—should one exist—cannot do (and a class of things the precise membership of which we, being less than omniscient, are ignorant of ). This is why our first stab at a definition of omnipotence—a being is omnipotent if he 32 The Concept of God can do anything—isn’t quite right. Can we adapt it? A being is omnipotent if he has all powers that it is logically possible to have (and no liabilities) perhaps?

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