Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm by Ben Goldacre PDF

By Ben Goldacre

ISBN-10: 0007363648

ISBN-13: 9780007363643

Bad Science hilariously uncovered the methods that quacks and newshounds use to distort technological know-how, turning into a 400,000 replica bestseller. Now Ben Goldacre places the $600bn worldwide pharmaceutical less than the microscope. What he finds is an engaging, terrifying mess.

Doctors and sufferers want sturdy medical proof to make knowledgeable judgements. yet in its place, businesses run undesirable trials on their lonesome medicinal drugs, which distort and exaggerate the advantages via layout. whilst those trials produce unflattering effects, the knowledge is just buried. All of this can be completely criminal. in truth, even executive regulators withhold very important info from the folks who want it so much. medical professionals and sufferer teams have stood by means of too, and didn't safeguard us. as a substitute, they take funds and favours, in an international so fractured that medics and nurses at the moment are expert via the medicine undefined. sufferers are harmed in large numbers.

Ben Goldacre is Britain's most interesting author at the technology at the back of drugs, and 'Bad Pharma' is a transparent and witty assault, exhibiting precisely how the technological know-how has been distorted, how our platforms were damaged, and the way effortless it'd be to mend them.

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