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1984b; Kalnins et al, 1984). , 1977). It should be remembered, however, that the decreased staining of fibrous astrocytes we have observed may not reflect the total actin content in these cells, since only the polymerized F-actin form is stained by NBD phallacidin. We feel that the loss of prominent MF bundles in fibrous astrocytes is somehow related to their decreased adhesiveness and lack of motility. , 1983), although poorly adhesive and stationary, still have numerous MF (Fig. 4d). The arrangement of THE CYTOSKELETON 47 the MF, however, is different from that in the adhesive and highly motile astroblasts (Figs.

L. (1981). Antibodies to neurofilament, glial filament and fibroblast intermediate filament proteins bind to different cell types of the nervous system. J. Cell Biol. 88, 115-126. , and Fields, K. L. (1983). Schwann cells contain a protein similar to the CNS astroglial filament protein. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 9, 235. ASTROCYTES, V O L U M E 3 THE CYTOSKELETON V. I. KALNINS, L SUBRAHMANYAN, AND M. OPAS D e p a r t m e n t of A n a t o m y University of T o r o n t o Toronto, Ontario, C a n a d a M 5 S 1A8 I.

Double labeling with antibodies to GFP and sera specific for centrioles (Connolly and Kalnins, 1978) showed that this site corresponds to the centriolar region (Kalnins et al, 1985). Since the vimentin-type IF already exist in cells at this stage of differentiation (Fedoroff et al, 1983) and since, at least in a glioma cell line, vimentin and GFP can coexist in the same IF (Sharp et al, 1982; Quinlan and Franke, 1983), the GFP could be incorporated into the vimentin-type IF already present. This observation also indicates that the centriolar region could have an important role in the assembly and organization of certain types of IF as well as MT (Goldman et al, 1980) and helps to explain the similarity in the distribution of MT and IF in some cell types (Wang et al, 1979; Geiger and Singer, 1980).

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