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This publication is going into element with 5 wide articles regarding fresh advances in floor technological know-how (1974). The contents are: 1) selection of the constitution and homes of strong surfaces by means of electron diffraction and emission (measuring the constitution and homes of strong surfaces through measuring and reading scattering emission of electrons from those surfaces), 2) Electron spectroscopy of chemisorption of metals (study of chemisorption on fresh, unmarried crystal surfaces of metals using the tactic of box emission of from adsorbate lined surfaces and the strategy of photoemission spectroscopy), three) floor plasma oscillations and comparable floor results in solids (study of oscillations in solid-state plasmas), four) conception of dynamical homes of dielectric surfaces (study of the lattice vibrations current on surfaces), five) a few reviews at the digital houses of liquid-metal surfaces (theories and research of liquid-metal surfaces).

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