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By László Markó (auth.), Renato Ugo (eds.)

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One method uses a "gas sparged" reactor, which contains the catalyst dissolved in a high boiling solvent (dioctyl phthalate) [50, 79]. Reaction conditions (128 DC, 35 atm) are chosen to ensure that the butyraldehydes formed can leave the reactor with the excess of synthesis gas in the vapour phase. The catalyst, which is not volatile under these conditions, does not contaminate the product. The other method uses Rh(CO) (PPha)2Cl on different types of supports as a heterogeneous catalyst [78, 79, 86].

Chirn. Acta", 3, 21 (1969). [14] P. CHINI and S. MARTINENGO, "Chern. ", 251 (1968); "Inorg. Chirn. Acta", 3, 315 (1969). [15] R. S. ", 3809 (1965). [16) R. S. COFFEY, "Chern. ", 923 (1967). [17] J. H. CRADDOCK, A. HERSHMAN, F. E. PAULIK and J. F. ROTH, "Ind. Eng. , Prod. Res. ", 8, 291 (1969). [18] Deutsche Gold u. Silbersch. , Neth. Pat. Appl. 65-16193 (1966); "Chern. ", 66, 2215 (1967). [19] M. DOKIYA and K. BANDO, "Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi", 71, 1866 (1968). [20] YA. T. EIDUS and A. L. LAPIDUS, "Neftehirniya" , 7, 51 (1967).

And can be seen in Table 16. Minor amounts of formates are also formed from aldehydes by the hydroformylation of the carbon-oxygen double bond [49]: (J. The formation of benzyl formate was observed when RUa(CO)12 was prepared from Ru (lII)-acetylacetonate in benzyl alcohol as solvent [81]. During the hydroformylation of propylene with Ir(CO) (PPhahCl as catalyst [5], only traces of butanols were formed. The report of a patent [92], that pentene-l is converted mainly to C6 alcohols by catalysts composed of platinum, iridium or rhenium compounds and tributylphosphine (195 DC, 30 atm, 2H2 + lCO), has not been confirmed yet.

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