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This publication examines the performs of the Greek comedian author Aristophanes and makes an attempt to reconstruct the responses of the unique audiences by utilizing anthropological options to check the performs with these Greek myths and rituals that percentage related tale styles or material. it's the first booklet to use this kind of research systematically to the entire comedies, and likewise differs from past reviews in that it doesn't impose a unmarried interpretative constitution at the performs. All Greek is translated.

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47 Lamachus too is the victim, not of a vine, but of a vine-prop, and also of an enemy's spear. 49 45 46 47 49 Fr. 705a. Denied without discussion by Rau 1967: 139 n. 5, now accepted by Foley 1988: 39. Schol. //. ). Cf. Ep. Adesp. 3. if. (CA 76); Lycophr. 200-15 with scholia; Diet. Cret. 3. Starkie 1909: 229 notes that 'by a pathetic coincidence the real death-scene of Lamachus 48 resembled this; cp. Thuc. 101'. Cf. 269^, 566ff. and his name. It is worth noting that the Acharnians have Dionysus as ancestor through Oeneus, eponymous hero of their tribe Oeneis: cf.

The phratries were the older divisions of the Athenian citizenry which were much more exclusive than the newer demes: 'they show an obsession with membership problems' 24 The same complaint in Andoc. 22. (Osborne 1985a: 73). 23 21 M i n e r I 9 7 g. ). 27 The two eunuchs are the perverts Cleisthenes and Straton (117-22), and Dicaeopolis hints at similar preferences in the soldiery (604) and the young prosecutors (716). 28 Against this background of usurpation by the young and foreign, suppression of the individual, and sexual violence, the conventions of comedy naturally lead one to suppose that Dicaeopolis will produce a state of affairs that approximates more closely to the Just City of Hesiod: this is, after all, what his name promises,29 and a plea for peace seems entirely natural.

Does Aristophanic comedy not work in the same way? The plays offer a Dionysiac liberation by their abolishing of many of the restraints normally in force in Athens, making lavish use of obscenity, pillorying the prominent, bringing on-stage things and people normally repressed; a release of pent-up and unexpressed emotions is achieved comparable to that produced by the wine drunk at the festival. 29 They also portray the wilder and more disorganised sides of the spectators, offering them the picture of men who behave in ways that are not only liberating but also disruptive and not in the interests of the city as a whole.

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