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This present day, whilst systematic philosophy - and cause itself - are challenged either outdoors of and inside of philosophy, is it nonetheless attainable to do metaphysics? This quantity presents a wide point of view on modern methods to the character and the basic questions of metaphysics.
Drawing on students from continental Europe, Asia, Canada, the USA, and nice Britain, and representing various philosophical cultures and traditions, this quantity surveys and extends paintings in metaphysics and its implications for broader philosophical matters (e.g., in ethics and social philosophy, in arithmetic and common sense, and in epistemology). It additionally addresses such questions because the function of historical past and historicity in project metaphysics, the character of metaphysics, the concern of metaphysics over epistemology, and the demanding situations of empiricism and postmodernism.

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23 Obviously, there is a poverty in consideration of things merely as beings. 25 We should note the distinction Thomas makes between the universal as object known and the universal as causal principle of knowing: ... “to know something universally” [cognoscere aliquid in universali] is said in two ways. P. only the universal nature of the thing is known. And to so know something universally is more imperfect: for he imperfectly knows man who knows about him only that he is an animal. In another way, on the side of the medium of knowledge [medii cognoscendi].

3. P. Scotus’s 6th argument: … everything which has a “what” [quid] is univocal, because predication as to what [praedicari in quid] expresses the quidditative ratio; but “a being” has a “what,” as is clear from the first two premises. [132B] Capreolus says: ... “a being” [ens] does not say “what” concerning any creature, because of no creature is its essence or quiddity being [esse]. ” But “a being” [ens] is taken from being [esse]. [144A] We see that we are at a very fundamental level of metaphysics here.

I must say that it is surprising that, at the beginning of the defense of the conclusion, Capreolus said that what the adversary secondly laid down was true. This seems to pertain to the doctrine of real concept of being. Yet Capreolus certainly had much to disagree with in the Scotistic conception of that reality. Against Univocity Capreolus now goes on to the third point, the arguments for univocity of the concept of “a being” as between the God and creature. The first argument of Scotus: … [the concept] has one common name and according to that same name the same common ratio; this is clear from the foregoing, because, not DOES BEING HAVE A NATURE?

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