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By Jacques Derrida

"My death—is it possible?"

That is the query requested, explored, and analyzed in Jacques Derrida's new ebook. "Is my loss of life possible?" How is that this query to be understood? How and by means of whom can it's requested, can it's quoted, can or not it's a suitable query, and will it's requested within the applicable second, the instant of "my death"? one of many aporetic stories touched upon during this seminal essay is the most unlikely, but unavoidable adventure that "my death" can by no means topic to an adventure that may be adequately mine, that i will have, and account for, but that there's, while, not anything towards me and extra accurately mine than "my death."

This booklet bears a different value simply because in it Derrida specializes in a topic that has trained the entire of his paintings as much as the current. For the final thirty years, Derrida has many times, in numerous contexts and diverse methods, broached the query of aporia. Making it his significant trouble right here Derrida stakes out a brand new frontier, at which the controversy together with his paintings needs to happen any more: the controversy concerning the aporia among singularity and generality, concerning the nationwide, linguistic, and cultural specificity of expertise and the trans-national, trans-cultural legislations that protects this specificity of expertise and of the need to proceed operating within the culture of critique and of the assumption of critique, but the corresponding necessity to go beyond it with no compromising it; the aporetical legal responsibility to host the foreigner and the alien and but to admire him, her, or it as foreign.

The overseas or the foreigner has consistently been thought of a determine of dying, and loss of life a determine of the overseas. How this determine has been taken care of within the analytic of loss of life in Heidegger's Being in Time is explored via Derrida in analytical travel de strength that may not fail to set new criteria for the dialogue of Heidegger and for facing philosophical texts, with their limits and their aporias. The distinctive dialogue of the theoretical presuppositions of modern cultural histories of dying (Ariès, for instance) and of mental theorizations of dying (including Freud's) develop the scope of Derrida's research and point out the effect of the aporia of "my death" for any attainable concept.

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Any other determined possibility or impossibility would take on mean­ ing and would be defined within its limits in terms of this particu­ lar possibility of impossibility, this particular impossibility. While taking into consideration this absolute uniqueness, from which every uniqueness is defined, particularly every Jemeinigkeit of expecting death [du s'attendre a La mort], one can nevertheless retain the dynamic aspect of this question. Indeed, why not invoke the same exceptionality for the aporia of which we are speaking here (which is not just a language or logic game and which should Awaiting the Arrival 73 not be classified as such too quickly)?

This absolute proximity is the most proper property. But since it is also as far away as possible (so fern als moglich), and far from any actual reality, it is the possibility of an impossible, of a nonreal as impossible. Now, in the following sentence the figure of unveiling, that is, the truth of this syntax, the impossible be, in the genitive form, the complement of the noun or the aporetic supple­ ment of the possible (possibility of the impossible), manifestation of the possible as impossible, the (als) becoming the enigmatic figure of this monstrous coupling: this death as the most proper possibility of Dasein considered as its proper impossibility.

The concept of possibility will allow me, legitimately or not, to weave a certain number of motifs into the existential analysis of death, as it is carried out in Being and Time. The only rule would be that of a title and what accompanies it (Aporias, Dying-awaiting (one another at) "the limits of truth" [S'attendre aux "limites de fa veritl'1) at the point where it subscribes to the contract of this conference. A certain thinking of the possible is at the heart of the existential analysis of death.

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