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The suggestion for a booklet on anorthosites got here to me in January of 1986 whereas returning to Houston after vacation festivities in Dallas. the unique thought used to be a evaluation paper on anorthosites, yet by the point I reached Houston, the subject matter I meditated induding used to be evidently too large for a unmarried paper. The Director of the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Kevin Burke, was once receptive to the assumption of a booklet, and recommended that I touch Peter Wyllie, who serves as Editor of the Springer-Verlag sequence Minerals and Rocks. This attempt, which I initially anticipated could take a couple of 12 months, has taken approximately 6. i've got many excuses- indolence, relocating to a different continent, different commitments, etc.-but the fundamental fact is that writing a e-book is far better an venture than might be expected. many folks are conscious of this, and that i was once duly forewarned. . yet why write a ebook on anorthosites? it is a first-class query, which i've got thought of from many angles. One motive might be expressed by way of a comparability among anorthosite and basalt. A first-order knowing of basalt genesis has been extant for a few years. in contrast, there's little contract in regards to the foundation of anorthosite. There are reliable purposes for learning and writing approximately basalt: it's the such a lot ample rock style at the Earth's floor, and is usually considerable at the surfaces of the opposite terrestrial planets.

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Compositions can be correlated with metamorphic grade, amphibolite facies examples having the most aluminous amphiboles. The coarse lamellar structures commonly present in these amphiboles can be taken as an indication that they represent pseudomorphs after exsolved pyroxene. Relict pyroxene within coarse actinolitic amphibole has been found in samples from the Bird River Sill, Manitoba (D. Morrison, pers. ). In higher grade anorthosite complexes, pargasitic and/or tschermakitic hornblende dominates the mafic mineral assemblage (Windley et al.

All data from Ashwal et al. 1 1m B A ANORTHOSITES GAR ETA ORTHOSITES 10 10 en w f0:: en w f0:: 0 0 z z 0 0 U U -' Q. J J: 10 J: 10 w W Q. ·I ... h.... "I .. 197tu 001 001 L. C. d SmEuGd Tb Yb Lu FISKE AESSET L. C. L_ . :. ;:E"'S_-----, c D 10 ~ 0:: Cl z Q 10 U w 15: :::;: < en 01 1. •• C. 16A-D. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns for rock and mineral samples from the Fiskenresset anorthosite complex, West Greenland. A Anorthosites. B Garnet-bearing anorthosites. C Separates of plagioclase and coexisting mafic matrix.

C Highly deformed gneissic anorthosite with a few relict plagioclase megacrysts, interlayered with mafic rich bands (Cauchon Lake, Manitoba). d Highly strained anorthositeleucogabbro gneiss , Fiskenresset complex, West Greenland (Fig. 16 of Myers 1978) 28 Archean Megacrystic Anorthosites grade. The complex was then extensively retrogressed to lower amphibolite facies, and locally to lower greenshist facies (Kalsbeek and Myers 1973; Pidgeon and Kalsbeek 1978; Kalsbeek and Pidgeon 1980; Myers 1985a).

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