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By J. Beynon BSc, MBBS, FRCS, MS, G. Feifel, U. Hildebrandt, N. J. McC. Mortensen MD, FRCS (auth.)

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It is now greater than forty years considering Drs. Wild and Reid released their first adventure with rectal ultrasonography from the surgical procedure division on the college of Minnesota. Professor Owen H. Wangen steen, in whose laboratory the experiences have been performed, famous at the moment the necessity for early detection within the therapy of melanoma. Technical advancements during the last two decades have made endoscopy the process of selection for exam of the hole organs of the genital, urinary and gastrointestinal tracts. The simultaneous improvement of endosonography has had an both dramatic influence at the perform of drugs and surgical procedure. The expertise has been established to be worthwhile in either benign and malignant stipulations. one of many so-called benign stipulations of the anorectum is fistula-in-ano. Fistula surgical procedure has continually depended on first-class anatomic delineation of the intramuscular tracts. there's desire that edition of ultrasonographic know-how will relief within the surgical administration of this illness. basically, rectal ultrasonography has significant strength within the administration of rectal carcinoma. Accuracy charges within the variety of ninety% for the intensity of neoplastic invasion were pronounced. This skill for actual evaluation will definitely bring about a greater definition of the inhabitants of sufferers that may be controlled by means of neighborhood healing means.

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28. Drawing of the female pelvis in transverse section at the level of the cervix uteri (cu) to illustrate the structures which might be imaged ultrasonically at that level. b, bladder; r, rectum; sp, symphysis pubis; c, coccyx; pr, puborectalis; oi, obturator intemus. Fig. 29. Cervix of uterus (cu) and rectovaginal septum (arrow). Anatomy Fig. 30. The uterus (u) has a clear edge. Fig. 31. The uterus (u) at a higher level, with the bladder (b) anteriorly. 35 36 An Atlas of Rectal Endosonography Fig.

Tumour does not penetrate through the muscularis propria or serosa. (From Feifel et al. ) Primary Rectal Cancer and Local Invasion Fig. 11. An endosonogram of a uT2 tumour. The small carcinoma (arrowed) on this occasion has eroded through the submucosa into the muscularis propria. Containment by the muscularis propria is evident from the good interface between it and the surrounding fat. Fig. 12. A small uT2 tumour of the rectum (arrowed) . The submucosal middle layer has been destroyed indicating invasion into the muscularis propria.

25. A uT3 tumour. Fig. 26. This male patient had a tumour of the lower rectum at the level of the prostate (p) which can be seen anteriorly in this scan. The tumour on the left-hand side of the scan invades through all layers (arrow) . Primary Rectal Cancer and Local Invasion Fig. 27. A uT3 tumour with slight penetration into perirectal fat. Female patient. b, bladder; v, vagina. Fig. 28 A uT3 tumour near the anal canal (anorectal junction) producing thickening of the rectal wall. The prostate is also visible anteriorly (p).

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