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By Wolfgang Balzer;C.U. Moulines;J.D. Sneed

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This publication has grown out of 8 years of shut collaboration between its authors. From the very starting we determined that its content material should still pop out because the results of a very universal attempt. that's, we didn't "distribute" elements of the textual content deliberate to every one in all us. to the contrary, we made some extent that every unmarried paragraph be the made from a standard mirrored image. real team-work isn't really as ordinary in philosophy because it is in different educational disciplines. we predict, even if, that this is often extra because of the idiosyncrasy of philosophers than to the character in their topic. shut collaboration with confident effects is as profitable as something might be, however it can also end up to be really tough to enforce. In our case, a part of the problems got here from simply geographic separation. This prompted unsuspected delays in coordinating the paintings. yet greater than this, as time handed, the buildup of specific effects and ideas outran our skill to slot them into an natural cohesion. diverse sorts of exposition, alternative ways of formalization, various degrees of complexity have been concurrently found in a voluminous manuscript that had turn into thoroughly unmanageable. particularly, a component of the textual content were conceived within the language of type conception and hired principles of a slightly summary nature, whereas one other half used to be expounded within the extra traditional set-theoretic type, stressing intui­ tivity and concreteness.

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DI-3: (a) If T = (k, m, aI' ... , an) is a type then ~ is a structure species of type T iff there exist A I, . . , As such that (1) ~=(k,m,al, ... ,an>AI, ... ,As) (2) for all i ~ s: Ai is a formula applying to some structure x of type T. (b) ~ is a structure species iff there is some type a structure species oftype T. T such that ~ is 11 MODELS AND STRUCTURES In the example of EXT we have k = 1, m = 0, and n = 2. There is one principal base set (D), there are no auxiliary (mathematical) base sets, and there are two relations: :5 and o.

We shall generally adopt this way of introducing structure species. Of course, DI-3 could be restated in a way capturing precisely this way of writing down concrete definitions of a structure species. Roughly, a structure species then would be given by a fixed number of typifications where all typifications operate on the same number of base sets, together with a list of "proper" axioms A;. It is routine and tedious to go into the syntactic details of such a definition. MODELS AND STRUCTURES 13 The most convenient way to proceed is this.

NT, NT na n(T, i l , · · · , in) Po(A) P"J:. W(Mp) q(t), ti(t) IR, IR+, IRS r rp rx r r* r(K) r(K) r(K) r(f) feU) r(U) Rge(R) R; R; xxxiii 176 403 4 286 61 xxxiii 15 339 151 xxxiii 34, 103 34, 103 261 57 400 83 83 84 179 338 338 xxxiii 9ft. , Rj p(X) p p o;(D ... 0 INTRODUCTION In this chapter we introduce the idea of model-theoretic representation of scientific theories or scientific knowledge. To begin, we will use the term 'scientific theory' in a rather loose, intuitive sense. In the course of our discussion in the remainder of this work, this term will become more precisely defined - partly in terms of the concepts introduced in this chapter.

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