An analysis of Christian origins by Georges Ory PDF

By Georges Ory

Translation of examine des origines chrétiennes

Translated by way of Paul Davidson

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With such logic, one might seriously conclude that life forms did exist on the moon and Mars simply because it is possible for life to exist there. To demand proof from those who do not accept the historical existence of Jesus is nonsense. Negative proof cannot exist. It is up to believers to establish the validity of their “historical” view. However, the evidence to support their claims is lacking. Opinions do not count as evidence, even in general. Even if all the contemporaries of a man-god named Jesus had believed in his existence, the reality of that existence would still be questionable, just like that of Hercules, centaurs, and even the ghosts that many believe haunt Scottish castles.

The hesitation of the scribes Around 177 at the earliest — if the Diatessaron was by him — Tatian harmonized the Gospels, but he did not read in Luke the first two chapters concerning the birth of the Christ. According to O. Cullman (Christol. , p. 111), there were already, in some rabbinic circles, genealogies that were ready for the awaited Messiah. “Ready” means that they had been prepared on the basis of the expected event. Assuming they existed, what importance should we give them? Jesus appeared already as an adult in the Gospel of Mark, which knows nothing of his childhood.

Daniélou appeared (La Table Ronde, Dec. 1957), Adolphe Dupront, professor at Sorbonne, wrote: “It is certain that the cross of the passion is that of our modern lamentations; in ancient centuries, the cross was foremost the cross of glory. The infamy of the gibbet assigned to it is an evolution of usage or a masochistic reversion…” The Passion texts are full of impossibilities and contradictions;49 they owe much to ancient rituals and legends; they are the reflection of a primitive mentality. The early Christians knew so well that the drama of the passion and of salvation were heavenly that they made no pilgrimages to Jerusalem to pray at the supposed tomb of Jesus.

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