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By Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

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7. It is liberated through the oogonial beak. Order-Heterosiphonaies. (1) Thallus multinucleate, unicellular and siphonaceous. Family-Vaucheriaceae. (1) Thallus branched, filamentous, thubular and coenocytic, (2) Zoospores multiflagellate, (3) Sexual reproduction oogamous. Genus-Vaucheria. (1) Branching irregular or lateral, (2) Sex organs without constriction at the basal septum. Identification Hints for Collection Sub-division-Algae. (1) Filamentous thallus, (2) Presence of chlorophyll, (3) Cell wall of cellulose.

It is generally found in reproductive stages during spring. Algae Chara (Stone-Wort) Classification Sub-division Class Order Family Genus Algae Chlorophyceae Charales Characeae Chara branch of unlimited growth Exercise 1 Object : Study the external features of thallus. Work procedure Study a slide showing mounted part of the thallus or study a preserved specimen. Magnifying lens or dissecting microscope would be very useful. Comments 1. Thallus is macrocopic, branched and multicellular. Calcium carbonate is deposited allover.

2. Ectocarpus. A part of the fIlamentous thallus. " ,' . Algae ",' 5. The branches and the main axis are uniseriate. 6. The erect branches have intercalary meristem just below the terminal hair. It results in trichothallic growth. 7. The cells are squarish to cylindrical and uninucleate. 8. The cell wall is double layered. Outer is gelatinous and inner is firm and cellulosic. 9. There may be one or many chromatophores varying from irregular to band-like to discoid. Pyrenoids are absent. 10. Reserve food products occur as shining fucosan granules.

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